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Online Class Confidentiality Form

All online classes held by the Arvigo® Institute include recorded content for students to return to and continue learning from. 


Almost all classes will have designated class time for Sharing Circles which are never recorded.  Despite this, it is inevitable that personal shares will come up during recorded theory and experiential time. 


By signing this agreement you understand that: 


1. Large amount of class will be recorded and shared with all members of the class, including teaching assistants, and nobody outside of that container.  

2. Designated sharing time will not be recorded.

3. All videos are hosted on the YouTube platform as unlisted, meaning nobody without the link is able to access them. 


By signing this agreement you agree to: 


1. Utilize any recordings that you receive only for your personal educational use and not share the videos/links to them with anyone or view them in front of people who are not part of the class. 

2.  Any personal content you wish to share is viewable by others and that your teacher and the Arvigo® Institute are unable to assume responsibility for any violation of this agreement. 

3.  Maintain the confidentiality of any personal stories that are shared within the sanctity of the group. 

Online Class Confidentiality Form

We thank you for your kindness and support of the community. 

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