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Deborah Doering Austin
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There is a saying, “as long as you have your health, everything is possible.” To that, add the love and support of friends and family, and a dedicated health professional! Believing in yourself and having fun works, too.

Deborah Doering Austin, RN, DN Registered Nurse 1988, Doctor of Naturopathy 2006, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Therapist 2003, Iridologist 2002, International Certification in Aromatherapy 2004, Reflexologist 2003, Reiki Practitioner, Egyptian Reiki practitioner, Ayurvedic practitioner, Certified Visceral Massage Therapist, Certified Arvigo® Practitioner 2007, Certified Love Your Gut® Practitioner 2008, Nutritionist 1987, Spa Therapy Instructor, Nurse Esthetician
I encourage allowing yourself wholeness, joy and love. Healing and Wellness come from an inner desire to preserve the temple of the body, mind and spirit. As founder of Kamala Center for Radiant Health, my 30+ year practice combines Western medicine and therapies based on ancient practices and beliefs. Treatment and counseling in natural methods, herbal therapies, various forms of bodywork, and several energy medicine specialties are included on the website, All genders and ages are welcome and respected. (PreCovid-19, it was not unusual to have several generations of a family come in together for treatments.)
What to expect: It is not uncommon when working the abdomen layers and organs to experience a release with laughing or crying, as the body’s memories come out of hiding. My dedicated treatment room provides a safe space for emotional releases, a space for allowing yourself miracles. Self love and self worth are the inner resources upon which you rely to stay well, and are a strong pillar of all abdominal work. A regular abdominal self-care practice supports leaving restrictions behind and continued healthy growth.
I firmly believe every relationship we have is a journey toward healing and transforming the soul. The soul must be involved to access healing in the body and brain. Having sought relief outside Western medicine for several chronic illnesses (a by-product of growing up in the shadow of refineries and traveling abroad) I know that a Back To The Basics regimen, starting with good nutrition, sleep and a spiritual practice, opens healing doors. This is the foundation of my educational studies with Andrew Weil, MD and Deepak Chopra, MD, naturopathy degree, and what led to my becoming open to learning and using nonWestern therapies (and the alphabet soup after my name and credentialing!) After applying these methods to my own healing, I happily joined my medical and spa practice to offering ancient healing methods and wisdom: Mayan, Egyptian, Ancient Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Reiki.
I met Dr. Rosita Arvigo at a Medicines from the Earth conference in the early 2000s. Several of my mentors for Naturopathy were lecturing; I lugged my textbooks to Asheville for autographs as many were retiring. Curious about the Spiritual Healing aspect of the Mayan culture and wanting to learn more after reading a book about it by Rosita, I attended my first lecture on Mayan practices. Rosita did not disappoint and I wanted to know more! Attending Arvigo Institute courses soon followed, including Certification, a period as a Self Care Educator, and Spiritual Healing training.
I stay current with all of my certifications/licensing continuing education requirements, and if a (new to me) method seems to benefit the clientele, I am happy to learn more. Formerly office was in a private house in the Heights; Office Hours now are currently held in my home in Friendswood (address provided at time of appointment). A large private Sacred Garden is available for Spiritual Healing therapies.
KCRH serves the Greater Houston area (Huntsville, Conroe, College Station, Navasota, Kingwood, Houston, Pasadena, Galveston, League City, Alvin, Pearland, Lake Jackson, Missouri City, Stafford and Richmond). Out-of-towners welcome, and adaptions to office hours can be made for travel (ie, multiple sessions over a weekend, one per day).

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